Residential Air Duct Cleaning

When deciding whether to have your home’s air duct system cleaned you might find

it useful to be informed of various facts that highlight just why you’re air duct system

can be full of dust and germs. It is important to understand that dust build up in the

vent system can have multiple negative effects. Air conditioning systems are designed

to continuously recycle indoor air, and this has a negative effect on the quality of air

circulating in your home. As this air is purified, heated and subsequently circulated in

the air vents it is it effects in these areas that bear the most impact. Below is a list of

facts that can help you understand the effects of dust and other pollutants in the air


Fact: accumulation of dust, dirt and other particles on the surface of the air conditioning

heating coil has multiple adverse effects. Over time as dust and dirt particles are

circulated around your house they end up accumulating on the air conditioning system’s

heating coil. This accumulated layer of dust and dirt has adverse effects on the efficiency

of the heating coil in heating the air in your house. Since your homes temperature is

controlled by a thermostat, more heating cycles will be required to heat the air within

the house. This translates to higher utility bills as well as lower life span of the heating


Fact: the efficiency of commonly used fiberglass air filters is low, at about 7%. This

means that the one device that is trusted to clear the circulating air of dust and other

particles is below satisfactory. This low efficiency is further lowered by extended use.

Therefore, it is not uncommon to have ineffective air filters that let all the dirt and

allergens pass through and continue circulating within your home.

Fact: the Environmental Protection Agency EPA rates indoor air pollution at 70% higher

than outdoor pollution. This fact highlights just how important it is to eliminate any

factors that cause this pollution and thus clean up indoor air.

Fact: A whopping 50% of all illness is caused or aggravated by polluted indoor air

according to the American College of Allergists. Common pollutants in homes include

dust, dust mites and pet hairs. These combined with germs and bacteria within

the ventilation system are the major causes and triggers of allergy attacks. As they

accumulate in your ventilation system the air circulated carries them all around your


All these facts combined seem dangerous and pose a threat to your family’s health. The

only way to mitigate this threat is to clean the ventilation system and clear out the dirt,

dust and bacteria that are housed here. This is the only way of reducing the pollution of

indoor air and thus removing the health risks posed to your family.