Air Duct Installation Service in Fort Worth

Whether you need to install new air ducts in your home or building or replace old ones, Pro Air Duct Fort Worth is your number one choice.


Poor Air Quality

The poor indoor air quality brought by your ductwork is a major sign telling you to substitute it with a new one.   The dust and dirt in your ducts are brought by holes.  You wouldn’t want your loved ones especially your kids to be exposed to allergens.  These lung enemies are out to bring allergies and respiratory problems.  Don’t wait for sickness to set in before you decide for an air duct replacement.

Old Ductwork

If your ductwork is between 10 to 15 years old, replace them to prevent major problems like pests and collapse of certain sections of ducts.  You are also guaranteed for running a safe and efficient HVAC system in your home.

Costly Electric Bill

Note that leaks in your ductwork is a major factor in the increase of your electric bill.  Don’t ignore small leaks as they can develop to bigger drips. Don’t let this issue cause you a headache by breaking your savings


Poorly designed ductwork– a duct system that is not properly drafted will result in inefficiency.  You cannot expect your desired regulated temperature to be consistent with such air duct issue.

Leakage in the duct system– a leaking duct system is one common issue reported by homeowners in Fort Worth, Texas.  With this problem in the air duct, you lose a significant part of the air in your house.  More so, contaminants are likely to enter your home which greatly affects the quality of indoor air.

Flexible plastic air ducts with dent– homeowners who have installed flexible plastic air ducts in the attic of their houses must ensure that such type of air ducts is not twisted or damaged, otherwise, airflow will be limited.


  • Per your HVAC system manufacturer, use only air filters that possess the highest efficiency.  Change air filters on a regular basis especially if they are congested.
  • When you hire a commercial air duct cleaning company, make sure that the drain pans and cooling coils are thoroughly sanitized.
  • If you suspect any leaks on your ductwork, call a professional air duct technician to fix them immediately.
  • Make sure that your home’s air conditioning system is properly sized and the ducts at the joints are correctly sealed.

Importance of Professional Air Duct Replacement

Air duct replacement is highly crucial especially if major issues arise in your HVAC system.  You can save a lot of time and money with new ducts than sticking with the old ducts that aren’t properly functioning.  It is important to note that newly installed ducts also need regular cleaning and maintenance to extend its life and to deliver utmost efficiency.  More important;y, older duct systems must be thoroughly inspected for any warning signs of damage and leakage.  When it’s time to replace your faulty or old duct system, you are not only treating your heating and cooling system in the house with a new one that promises quality, efficiency and accuracy.  You are also protecting the safety and health of your loved ones with a fresh and clean air that they breathe.

Set aside your worries and hire experts in the air duct industry.  Fort Worth, Texas has reliable HVAC companies that offer products and services to meet and fix your heating and cooling concerns.

Tips when Hiring Air Duct Companies

  1. Make a research on the different HVAC companies in Fort Worth, Texas.  Study the profile of each and ask for referrals from neighbors and friends who have availed of their services.  This way you will know how these companies deliver their promised services and if they fit your duct system’s concerns.
  2. Only hire experienced HVAC contractors.  Make sure that they are licensed, certified and insured.  Their integrity and experience matter a lot especially that running a duct system in your building is an expensive investment.  It is better to personally visit their offices so that you can ask them relevant questions and assess how they plan to resolve your issues in the ductwork.  This way you will be able to determine their knowledge and skills in the air duct system- from commercial cleaning to the replacement of ducts.
  3. Have a clear plan for your duct system project.  Identify the problems in your heating/cooling system with the help of a technician.  Do not ignore minor problems like small holes and inconsistent airflow as they will result in bigger issues in the future.