Commercial Air Duct Cleaning in Fort Worth

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Dreaming of a healthy and relaxing air inside your Fort Worth, Texas business? Does your office keep you from focusing on your job as evidenced by your coughing and sneezing?  Get rid of allergens and shift to a fresh and excellent quality of indoor air by rewarding your space and your loved ones with Commercial Air Duct Cleaning. With affordable rates and work performed by expert technicians, you will be happy you chose Pro Air Duct Fort Worth. 

Commercial air duct cleaning in Fort Worth ensures thorough inspection and sanitization of ductwork passageways.  Professional air duct cleaners are trained and certified to eliminate the contaminants that obstruct your ductwork.  From dust to molds, these experts in air duct cleaning industry guarantee safe and reliable air duct systems for your house.  With state of the art tools and equipment plus the dependable expertise of the cleaning professionals, a comfortable environment is always possible.

If you are a business in Fort Worth and have a small or large commercial property, give us a call today to set up your appointment. If it’s been a couple years since you had a thorough air duct cleaning, don’t hesitate to pick up the phone. No need for harmful particles to linger in the air that may be harmful to you. Not to mention concerns about why your electricity bill has been unusually high. It’s time to call Pro Air Duct today to set up your appointment for Fort Worth Commercial Air Duct Cleaning. 


Indoor Air Quality 

One of the crucial benefits of air duct cleaning is the improved air quality that it produces.  The HVAC system, whether residential or commercial, needs regular cleaning and maintenance. The very fact that the air ducts are mainly responsible for air circulation, it is important that the air we breathe is allergen free.  If you have loved ones who are sensitive to dirt or asthma, patronizing commercial air duct cleaning services on a regular basis are deemed essential.

Conserving Energy and Lowering Electricity Cost

When you dedicate time and budget to the cleanliness and maintenance of your air ducts, you will be amazed as to how efficient your HVAC system can get.  More so, your heating and cooling systems need not work harder to provide your desired temperature.  As less energy is used, you are saving money on your electric bills.

Extended life of your HVAC System

In addition to a fresh indoor air in your building and the big savings that you will reap from frequent commercial air duct cleaning, your HVAC equipment is also treated for an extended life.  This is because of the accumulated debris and dirt that are removed which greatly help in making the performance of the HVAC system a better one.

Some things to keep in mind when deciding to get a Commercial Air Duct Cleaning for your business

  • The frequency of air duct cleaning is suggested every 2-5 years, so as not to compromise the efficiency of the HVAC system and most importantly, the health and safety of homeowners especially the children.  The cleaning process usually involves 2 air duct technicians and takes about 2 hours to complete.
  • Note that the air duct cleaning thoroughly cleanses the air handler of the HVAC system, the supply, and return grills and their interior surfaces.  The sanitation of these three major components is crucial in achieving the maximum benefits of your air system.
  • Expect your team of cleaning professionals to be knowledgeable about the HVAC system, its parts and especially the cleaning process itself.  They apply modern technology in the cleaning process with the aid of their high-quality equipment.  More so, chemicals are not used in commercial air duct cleaning unless necessary.


HEPA Filtration Vacuum

Per the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA),  a vacuum specially designed for air duct cleaning is one of the major devices used by technicians for cleaning.

Duct Cleaning Brushes

Specially designed duct cleaning brushes are used to get into the interior surfaces of the ductwork. They get hard to reach places where dirt and debris may be hiding.

Imaging Tools

These devices like CCTV cameras, still cameras and mirrors are necessary tools in commercial air duct cleaning. These devices enable professional cleaners to determine the state of the inside part of the ductwork.

Sanitize Spray Machine

This machine is used for a deep cleaning of the air ducts in order to eliminate particles that other tools may not be able to reach. The sanitization process is also a preventative for buildup in the ducts.