Attic Insulation in Fort Worth

Save money on your next energy bill by adding Insulation to your Attic
Now is the best time to invest in attic insulation.  Do not ignore the fact that energy conservation is crucial in promoting a green environment and in your electric bills.  By adding attic insulation to your home improvement project, you are doing yourself a favor by keeping comfort levels at a maximum for you and your loved ones.  Moreover. Your air conditioning and heating systems need not work harder hence lower amount of energy is consumed. to your attic helps reduce your energy costs by lowering the amount of energy you need.

One of the amazing features of attic insulation is its ability to provide your desired regulated temperature.  As the attic serves as an obstruction from the extreme heat produced by the sun, its proper insulation helps in keeping your house chill during the hot season, particularly summer.  More so, it creates a warm environment during the cold months. The winter season need not be a discomfort as attic insulation maintains warm air in your house.

Reasons to Insulate your Attic

Upon checking your attic’s condition, did you notice the presence of accumulated dirt, mold, and dead rodents?  Get rid of the potential diseases and poor air quality brought by these ugly factors and protect your family with the right attic insulation.  More so, regular cleaning of your attic helps retain its structural integrity hence damage is prevented.  

Nothing beats the safety and security brought by attic insulation and its proper maintenance.  Note that the presence of old wirings, holes, and cracks in the attic must be addressed the soonest time possible to prevent fire hazards and air leakage.  Cleanliness of the attic is not enough as thorough inspection also matters.

Energy Efficiency

Regulated Temperature

Indoor Air Quality 


The Different Types of Attic Insulation

Blown-In Insulation

Blown-in insulation is one of the most popular types of attic insulation.  This thick layer of insulation is produced out of recycled materials from paper or fiberglass insulation.  The unique aspect of blown-in insulation is its seamless effect.  It conceals your attic’s floor including hard to reach areas.  However, this type of insulation is not resistant to water and could result in mold and moisture.

Batt Insulation

Batt insulation is known for its physically large rolls/ blankets appearance. These oversized materials are best installed on the walls of your attic to cover up space and prevent heat transfer.  The installation of batt insulation requires keen attention to details as few mistakes can lead to holes that eventually limits the energy efficiency of your house.  

Spray Foam Insulation

One of the most widely utilized types of attic insulation is spray foam.  What makes this insulation amazing is its innate ability to seal cracks and holes that batt or blown-in insulation could not do.  In addition, this type of insulation is resistant to rodents and water so damage in your attic is prevented.


Ensure that wiring on your attic in Fort Worth, Texas are not left exposed to avoid dangers of fire.  The same rule follows with electrical boxes and pipes.
Make necessary repairs on roof leaks for proper venting and to block potential water damage.  Application of weatherstripping surrounding the attic is recommended to ensure that moisture does not get trapped in your attic.
Light up your attic with the use of portable battery-operated lamps or lanterns.   These practical lighting materials are necessary for the dark areas of your attic especially when you conduct check-up and do necessary repairs when needed.
When cleaning or installing your attic insulation, protect yourself from injury by wearing goggles, mask, and gloves.  Such set of working gear will shield your skin from fibers.

Why You Should Hire Experts for Attic Insulation Service

Attic insulation is no doubt a challenging task.  Every phase of the job requires knowledge and skills to get flawless and accurate results.  Spare yourself with the stress and drama of installing the best type of insulation for your home’s attic.  

Hire an expert in attic insulation in Fort Worth, Texas that guarantees high-quality output.  Professional fees are inevitable but the overwhelming benefits of attic insulation made to perfection by an attic insulation contractor will give you and your family a sense of relief, security, and comfort.  Not only will these experts get the job excellently done, you can count on them to provide reliable, accurate and fast solutions to your attic insulation issues.