The Unsurpassed Air Duct Cleaners Dallas Fort worth Texas

A reputed family owned and operated company, Grand Prairie Air Duct Cleaners,is involved in the efficient cleaning of air ducts in the region of Dallas Fort worth Texas.The air duct cleaners provide an array of services with respect to the cleaning of air ducts, which is swift, steadfast, and at the same time highly professional carried out by skilled technicians. The services are suitable for both residential and commercial purposes in the Dallas Fort worth region. The main aim is to achieve highest level of customer satisfaction by providing quality services with respect to air duct cleaning at affordable rates.

What Does Cleaning Of The Air Duct Involve And why Is It So Important?

The mechanical cleaning or physical removal of debris and other contaminants from the Air Passage System is referred to as air duct cleaning. In simple words, the process of cleaning and removal of several components of heating and cooling systems is called as furnace cleaning. The ill-maintenance of these systems may result into the furnace components getting contaminated by dirt, dust, hair, drywall dirt, allergens, debris and so on. Damper makes it more susceptible to potential micro bacterial growth and causes the quality of indoor air to become extremely unhealthy. When dirty ducts are left unclean over a period of time, the poor indoor air may result into several health problems, especially allergies and respiratory problems, autoimmune disorders and so on.Hence, it is important to service air conditioners by cleaning it on a regular basis so that debris and other contaminants don’t settle on them and the family has clean air to breathe. Also, if air duct and furnace are not maintained and cleaned as per the service requirements; it can result into an expensive damage to the systems that become extremely hard to clean. Air duct and furnace can get really dirty and contaminated, and to decontaminate it later can be extremely difficult.

Adverse Effects Of Not Cleaning The Air Duct And What We Can Do To

Eliminate Them

The realization of the fact that air ducts are actually breeding grounds for various contaminants such as dirt, bacteria, fungi, dust, dust mites, and so on often missed out by people living in the house or any other space where these systems are installed. Every time the system is switched on and ventilation starts, it releases all these contaminants into the air that you breathe. This contaminated indoor air results into sinus problems, prolonged cold, respiration problems, and allergies. Grand Prairie Air Duct Cleaners efficiently take up the job of sanitizing your air ducts and vents with the help of an environmentally safe sanitizer. This sanitizer is also used in hospitals and many nursing homes that make the air fresher with a pleasant scent. Just cleaning and decontaminating is not enough, and that is the reason the air filters are also replaced by our workers that is recommended after the cleaning service with the help of electrostatic air filters. Unlike regular paper or fiberglass air filters, electrostatic air filters absorb a greater quantity of harmful contaminants.

“Up to 40 pounds of dust is created every year in a typical six-room home and the cooling systems breathe in and breathe out this contaminated air. Over 50 million Americans suffer from diverse respiratory allergies. Indoor Air is 70 times more hazardous than outdoor air” Air Duct Cleaning Duct Ventilation Cleaning provided by Indoor quality air, Air Duct Cleaners is one of their premier services. Along with this service, air ducts cleaning and sanitizing, air handling unit cleaning, grilles and registers cleaning, installation of new lifetime electrostatic air filters are few other services offered, too. The tools used for cleaning during the decontaminating process are power brushes that are high-powered vacuuming tools, which clean and collect dirt and dust from the air ducts.

Cleaning Of Blower Motor

The air-handling unit that is responsible for the working of the airflow in the heating and cooling systems is called as the ‘Blower Motor’. This is the very component of the systems that hoards an excessive quantity of dust, thereby decreasing the effectiveness of the system. This may even result in the failure of the fan motor to work. Air Duct Cleaners have a team of efficient technicians who take care of the cleaning of the AC blower motor and inspect it.

Coil Cleaning

The cleaning of the coil is essential to ensure that your furnace is in the best condition and runs smoothly. The coil cleaning process includes the following steps- removal of the front AC grille, clean and vacuum the dirt, dust and debris out that has been settled inside the AC coils, finest AC coil cleaners are used to decrease and spray on AC coils, and the front and back of the AC grille assembly is cleaned.

Cleaning The Dryer Vent

The dryer can overheat and the drying time can considerably increase if the lint and other debris are present in the dryer vent. This can result into an increase in energy consumption because of the dryer taking more time to dry your clothes and in worst-case scenarios can blow out fire in the dryer or in the duct of the dryer. The equipment used for dryer vent cleaning that is specially designed to clean dryer vents since it requires an elongated vacuum tube along with a brush attached to the tip.

Cleaning Of The Chimney And Fireplace

The process used for chimney and fireplace cleaning consists of the following steps-

• To not dirty the surrounding area, cover the fireplace area.

• Ash or burned wood will be cleaned and swept away.

• To remove debris from the chimney a hard metal brush with extendable

rods will be used.

• The collected debris will be vacuumed out of the home.

Cleaning Of The Rain Gutter

It is important to clean the rain gutter regularly since leaves and debris gets collected in the gutters that cause congesting the downspout that results in overflowing gutters. The water gets on your siding or windows that cause mold and splash of sand on the sides of your home or office. The mold and wetness over a period of time will begin to decay. Grand Prairie Air Duct Cleaners provides servicing the rain gutters for the free flow of the rain water.